Privacy Policy pertaining to our Website

             We do collect info of a personal identificatory nature – such as your name, e-mail address – directly from you in the exact moment you filled some kind of form in our website. We do utilize this info to reply to any given demand presented to us through the contact form.

             We do own a specific form so that you might send in your CV in the webpage titled “work with us”. Therein, we collect data such as names, e-mails, phone numbers, cities, federal units, wage parameters, performance areas, levels to which the professional post is aimed as well as attached files towards curricular databank ends and means.

             We have a form in the HiperPartnership website so you might send in your CV. This enables that we properly collect data such as names, e-mails, phone numbers, professional postings and corporate designations with the ultimate aim of garnering info about interested parties who might be one day part of the partnership portfolio pertaining to the HiperFarma Network. All this info is going to be utilized towards contacting purposes.

             We do have a further form in the HiperFarma Associate webpage that properly collects data such as names, e-mails, phone numbers, cities, federal units, non-civilian entity registries and corporate designation with the ultimate aim of garnering info about interested parties who might be interested in becoming associates to the HiperFarma Network. All this info is properly up-to-dated towards contacting purposes.

            We do own another form as a footnote in each and every webpage wherein we collect your e-mail towards marketing purposes, so that we might be able to send the newsletter or other promotional tools. This will only be sent in from the time you informed us your e-mail in the specific form with the confirmation that you really wish to get it. You can opt out of getting our marketing e-mails as pursuant to cancellation instructions included in these communications.

            We don’t share this info with third parties towards promotional and advertising ends and means. We might exclusively share your info towards storage purposes, for example, to an e-mail service provider or with a database centre. We do reserve the right in publicizing your identifiable personal info as pursuant to legal requirements in such cases as concerning corporate joint ventures, purchases or selling of financial actives and, furthermore, when we do believe that the advertisement is mandatory so as to protect our entitlements and/or to comply with any legal proceeding, judicial mandate or lawsuit.

            Proper Data Collection and IT Utilization: our website uses cookies that are small-formatted text files stored in any user’s computers. All cookies store info deemed not personally trackable to your navigation in our website. We just collect products and pages info in which you might have performed navigation procedures. Our website also uses web beacons: invisibly incorporated onto web pages. Web beacons help us to better manage site content, letting us know what content is the more efficacious one for you.

            Our cookies are placed with the ultimate aim of:

            – personalizing your navigation features: these cookies allow us to acknowledge you and to remind you of any data that you happen to have provided during your navigation procedures in our website such as idiom selections, the country in which you are currently based and categories of navigation devices. All this makes your visit in our site pretty much easier since we do not ask the same data over again during your navigation;

            – website analysis: we do use Google Analytics cookies and web beacons to collect info related to web traffic and visitor’s numbers. These are tools that allow us to measure the achievement rate of your navigation experience in our website alongside personalized marketing procedures.

            Social Networks: we do use communication tools to share links with social networks. If you click upon one of these resources, the liable company attached to the specific social network can collect your IP address, any section you are visiting in our webpage as well as it can place cookies when you are connected to one of our services. Your interaction with these resources is informed by the privacy policy of the specific company liable to the social network. To get more info about utilized cookies in these websites, you can read all privacy statements specifically written down below.



Google Plus:



             We are not going to process at all any info whether in a direct or in an indirect way with or without assistance from a third party or in any other shape or form whatsoever so as to determine your identity.

             Search Mechanisms Marketing: we do utilize the Google Ads service tracker to advertise in any Google-performed search results page. Google does utilize cookies so as to showcase advertising banners based on your previous web visits in our site. In order to get more info about Google ads services, as well as how to opt out of this service, please check the specific Google page about privacy policies and configurations related to Google advertising banners.

             Electronic Commerce: as other electronic commerce websites, we do collect and we do utilize all info contained in your web browser when you visit our website in order to improve our service provisions towards you, ultimately aiming to enable an exclusive experience in our website while you visit our homepage. We do advertise related and similar products and services, while promoting joint purchases and reminding you of all products that were lastly checked in your online store.

             Your Autonomy: you have the choice of turning off cookies in your browser’s options or performing modifications alongside any anti-virus programming tools. However, this might change the way with which you interact with our website. This might affect as well any permission to effectuate log-ins onto score programs, websites or to access social networks content.

Data Retrieval Request.

             You can keep this request up-to-dated; to access; to exclude; to send all related requests concerning your personal info through the e-mail

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