About the Hiperfarma Network

Unity and consistency geared towards corporate outcomes regarding our associates

In a competitive scenario constantly changin, the HiperFarma Network does bring along its essence the innovative trait of having been one of the first drugstore networks to operate in Parana State in an associative model.

Founded on August 13th/1998, we were pretty much aware that the future was to lie in the joining of common interests and in the replacement of small- and medium-sized drugstores – all of them competitive – through an associative feature that made them allies. It is in this atmosphere of belonging highlighted by a joint and common effort that only a HiperFarma associate truly knows.

Integrating the HiperFarma Network, our entrepreneurs work cooperatively and this makes all difference in the corporate world. Under the tutelary guardianship of a strong brand consolidated through decades, everybody learns with each other, thus creating a synergy that is transmuted onto a marked competitive feature.

Attached to the solidity of the marketplace performance, HiperFarma Network’s adopted corporate model does enable cashbacks above the market average towards our corporate associates.  Annually, we grow above 40% all networks that are members of the Drugstores Associative Networks Brazilian Federation to which we are members since 2002.

An example of this can be found throughout advertising campaigns aired on highly popular TV and radio; promotional endeavours and other advertising material done in massive scale.

These are all strategic initiatives executed by the marketing department that takes care of all viability features pertaining to the HiperFarma Network, with the ultimate aim of increasing corporate gains and profitability for everyone.

On these grounds, associative procedures are the biggest opportunity out there, so that you might be able to corporately keep going on as a self-employed individual. Furthermore, you might enjoy exponential negotiating bargains with massive advertisement and collective purchases in a big scale: not to mention access to strategic info so as to better and constantly improve your company!

This is because innovation is in our DNA; joy for the common progress to all our associates as well as the passion brought about by our ultimate purpose in promoting healthcare and well-being for everyone.

More than ever, we are on the footsteps of modernity!


Our Mission Statement

To build a trust rapport through strategic actions based on ultimate outcomes stemming from our associates.

Our Vision

To be acknowledged by the company excellency in the associative marketplace as well as a referential parameter concerning collaborators and partners.

Our Values

We do estimate as true values the proper encouragement towards entrepreneurial activities, focus on results, cooperation and decision-making ethics.

Years in the marketplace

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